China's auto manufacturing industry also need aluminum alloy castings

According to the reports of the foundry industry, since the international automotive Login to China, China's sales of aluminum alloy castings greatly increased. China, the world's largest auto consumer, high-end aluminum alloy precision casting industry to occupy the space of one seat to become the new darling of the modern automobile industry.

It is reported that a few days ago in Caidian Chang Fu Industrial Park on the rise of China Ruiming holding Wuhan Industrial Park, the project total investment of $ 20 billion, is estimated to achieve annual new output value of 3.2 billion yuan, 860 million yuan of total profits and taxes, which a casting industrial Park is the largest in central China's high-end aluminum products casting industrial Park. Ruiming aluminum engine cylinder head the completion of investment projects at home and abroad will Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle, BMW, Germany, Beijing Benz leading automotive OEMs aluminum alloy castings.